Best Lake Flotation Devices

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A flotation device is primarily used as a rescue equipment in the water. It can be a life jacket, life vest, life saver, or a flotation suit. People bring these devices in the water and use them for professional or recreational purposes.

These are an important part of water safety and are considered as life-saving equipment. Flotation devices ensure that a person is kept afloat in the water in case of emergencies. It allows the wearer to stay afloat in the water for an extended period of time while waiting to be rescued.

What are flotation devices made of?

The first flotation devices were originally made of cork, kapok, or balsa wood. These are light-weight materials that could easily float and support the weight of a person in the water. Nowadays, commonly used materials used are plastic, and foams.

Flotation devices for creational purposes:

Besides its’ use as a water safety equipment, flotation devices are also used for fun. I can be used in the pool, lake, or at sea during vacations and trips. Click here to see more.

Here are the many ingenious and fun ways to enjoy flotation devices in a lake or pool.

Floating Bear Pong

Floating Table Tennis

Floating Island Lounge

Floating Pool Couch with Cooler

Floating Cabana Island

Aqua Jump

Pontoon or Dock Slide

Have fun and stay safe!


Disclaimer: If children are using the devices, always have an adult supervise the activities. Follow the instructions of each device as stated in the packaging or directions.